Friday, January 4, 2013

Microsoft will ship Surface Pro in late January, reports say

As expected, Microsoft's Surface with Windows 8 Pro tablet is on track to launch at the end of January, according to several reports.

Microsoft hasn't announced an exact release date for the Surface Pro. The company has only said that the Intel-based tablet would launch ?about 90 days? after the arrival of the Surface with Windows RT, which launched last October 26. By that timing, the Surface Pro would launch on January 26.

Employees at several Microsoft Stores around the country confirmed the late January arrival, though only one store specifically mentioned January 26, according to CNet. A report from The Verge cited its own sources who said to expect a late January launch, ?despite rumors of a CES timeframe.? However, Softpedia reported that the Surface with Windows 8 Pro may launch on January 29, citing ?sources familiar with the matter.?

To put all this another way, it doesn't seem that Microsoft is pushing out the Surface with Windows 8 Pro ahead of schedule, despite talk of slow sales for the Windows RT version. Microsoft has tried to boost Surface sales by expanding distribution outside of its own stores, to retailers such as Best Buy. It's unclear whether the Surface with Windows 8 Pro will be available at third-party retailers at launch.

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